Administrative Rules

Subject: Faculty English Proficiency AR# 6.04.002
Based on Board Policy: F-4, Faculty Appointments
Approved by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 07/02/1990; amended 10/06/06

Value Statement 

The Austin Community College District will comply with the Texas Education Code mandate that courses offered for credit are taught in the English language and that all faculty members are proficient in the use of the English language.  

Administrative Rule 

A faculty member may use a foreign language, including American Sign Language (ASL), to conduct foreign language courses designed to be taught in a foreign language.   

The District shall use the “Test of Spoken English” of the Educational Testing Service to determine English language proficiency.  All faculty members, as defined in HB 638, whose primary language is not English, shall be required to take the “Test of Spoken English”.  Those faculty who do not achieve a satisfactory score on the “Test of Spoken English” must enroll in the appropriate ESL/ESOL oral communication class until deemed proficient in English. 

The cost of enrollment in either English proficiency course shall be the responsibility of the faculty member.  


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:   07/16/07