Administrative Rules

Subject:   Travel AR# 7.03.001
Based on Board Policy: G-3, Reimbursements
Recommended by Council/President: Administrative Services Council
Date Approved/Amended: 04/09/1997; amended 08/21/00, 08/20/03, 11/10/04, 06/18/09, 10/21/10

Value Statement 

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) supports the equitable reimbursement of appropriate expenses incurred by College employees and vendors.

Administrative Rule

Travel Expense Reimbursement

The College will pay vendors and reimburse an employee who travels on ACC business for the reasonable and necessary costs directly related to the authorized travel.  Employees are expected to consider budget limitations and exercise good judgment when incurring business travel costs.  Travel expenses are paid to vendors and reimbursed to employees only in accordance with an accountable plan (either a per diem allowance or payment for actual expenses:  see Guidelines/Procedures for definition) and in accordance with College Policies and Procedures.


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:   04/19/11