Administrative Rules

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Board Policy Group A:  Results to Be Provided

1.01.001 Degree & Certificate Designations
1.01.002 College Accessibility
1.01.003 Health Services
1.01.004 Prohibition of the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at ACC Student Life Sponsored Events
1.02.001 Student Criminal Background Checks
1.02.002 Academic Fresh Start
1.02.003 Admission
1.02.004 Compliance with American Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, As Amended
1.03.001 Early College Start for High School Students
1.04.001 Graduate Guarantee
1.04.002 Articulation and Transfer Services for ACC Students
1.04.003 Withdrawal Policy:  Semester Credit Courses
1.04.004 Course Load for Full-Time Students
1.04.005 Area of Study Information Session
1.04.006 Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process
red star 1.04.006   Guideline/Procedure - Academic Integrity and Disciplinary Process
red star 1.04.006   Guideline/Procedure - Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process
1.04.007 Counseling and Advising Services to Students
1.04.008 Faculty Advising for Students
red star 1.04.008   Guideline/Procedure
1.04.009  Career Development Services for Students
1.04.010 Six Course Drop Limitation
red star 1.04.011 Student Activities
red star 1.04.012 Course Required for Certain First-Time at Austin Community College (ACC) Students
red star 1.04.013 Required Mathematics Enrollment
red star 1.04.014 Student Complaints
red star 1.04.014   Guideline/Procedure - Non-grade Related Academic Student Complaints
red star 1.04.014   Guideline/Procedure - Student Complaints
1.05.001 Student Travel to College Sponsored Events

Board Policy Group B:  Board Operations

2.04.001 Posting of Board of Trustee Meetings

Board Policy Group C:  College Operations

red star 3.01.002 Health Science Programs - Substance Abuse Testing
red star 3.01.002 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.01.003 Use of Telecommunication Resources
red star 3.01.004 Grants
red star 3.01.005 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
red star 3.02.002 Single College Concept
red star 3.02.002           Guideline/Procedure - Delegation of Authority to Campuses - Developmental Communication/Math Departments
red star 3.02.002           Guideline/Procedure - Delegation of Authority - Campus Representation of Departments
red star 3.02.003 Department Chair Election
red star 3.02.003           Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.02.004 Retention Elections
red star 3.02.005 ACC Internet (External) Website
red star 3.02.006 Publications and Printed Materials
red star 3.02.006 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.001 Equipment Inventory
red star 3.03.003 Drug Free Workplace, Drug Free Schools and Communities Act & Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP) for Employees
red star 3.03.003   Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.004 Collection, Custody and Disbursement of College Funds
red star 3.03.005 Institutional Memberships
red star 3.03.006 Management Safety Statement
red star 3.03.009 Parking Regulations, Permits and Enforcement
red star 3.03.009 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.010 Legal Services:  Management of Subpoenas and Lawsuits
red star 3.03.010 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.011 Administrative Implementation of Board Policy and Board Delegated Areas
red star 3.03.011           Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.012 Course Schedule Development and Assignment of Classrooms
red star 3.03.013 Requests for Public Information
red star 3.03.014 Records Management Program
red star 3.03.014           Guideline/Procedure - Disposition of College Records
red star 3.03.014           Guideline/Procedure - Records Center
red star 3.03.015 Student Records
red star 3.03.016 Forms Management
red star 3.03.016 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.03.017 Management of Employee Information
red star 3.03.017 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.04.001 ACC Employee Associations
red star 3.04.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.05.001 Student Stipends for Participation in Student Government Association and Shared Governance
red star 3.05.002 Use of College Information Systems
red star 3.05.002 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.05.003 Connecting Devices to the College Network
red star 3.05.004 Internal Mail
red star 3.05.005 Shared Governance Process
red star 3.05.006 ACCmail (Student Only)
red star 3.05.006           Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.05.007 Student Test Messaging (Opting Out)
red star 3.06.001 Institutional Research Review
red star 3.06.002 College Seal & Logo
red star 3.07.001 Legal Counsel
red star 3.08.001 Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition
red star 3.08.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.09.001 Sustainable Construction and College Operations
red star 3.09.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.10.001 Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Environment
red star 3.10.001   Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.10.002 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP)
red star 3.10.002   Guideline/Procedure
red star 3.10.003 Prohibition of Sexual Misconduct
red star   Guideline/Procedure - Title IX Grievance Procedures
red star   Guideline/Procedure - Sexual Misconduct Investigation Procedures

Board Policy Group D:  Instruction

red star 4.01.001 Distance Learning Best Practices
red star 4.01.001   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.002 Instructor Initiated and Administrative Withdrawal and Appeal Policy
red star 4.01.003 Prior Learning Assessment
red star 4.01.003   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.004 Academic Standards of Progress
red star 4.01.005 Scholastic Achievement Awards
red star 4.01.006 Course Materials Orders
red star 4.01.007 D Grade
red star 4.01.008 Conversion of ACC Alternative Credit Contact Hours
red star 4.01.008   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.009 Student Grade Point Average
red star 4.01.010 Grade Change
red star 4.01.010   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.012 Informal Transfer
red star 4.01.012   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.013 Pass/Fail Option
red star 4.01.014 TCCTA Annual Conference
red star 4.01.015 Mentoring
red star 4.01.015   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.016 Field & International Studies (Study Abroad) Courses
red star 4.01.016   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.01.017 Child Development Dept./Children's Lab School Role and Scope
red star 4.01.018 Veteran's Educational Program
red star 4.02.002 Library Services Materials Circulation
red star 4.02.003 Library Services Materials Selection
red star 4.02.006 Copyright Ownership
red star 4.02.007 Copyright and Fair Use
red star 4.02.008 Religious Holy Days
red star 4.03.001 Workload of Employees Retired Under TRS
red star 4.03.003 Faculty Agreements
red star 4.03.003   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.03.004 Full-Time Faculty Workload
red star 4.03.004   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.03.005 Faculty Qualifications
red star 4.03.005   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.0300.11 Telework
red star 4.0300.11.1    Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.04.001 Structure and Organization of Developmental Education
red star 4.04.002 Assessment of Basic Skills:  Fulfillment of TSI Requirements
red star 4.04.003 Placement of Students in Developmental Education
red star 4.04.004 Assessment College Readiness for New Students
red star 4.04.005 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education:  Developmental Math (Placement and Continuous Remediation)
red star 4.04.007 Developmental Education:  State Exemptions and Exceptions to Overall TSI Requirements
red star 4.04.007   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.04.009 Assessment of Basic Skills:  First Semester Course Enrollment Without TSI Testing-Exceptional Circumstances Provision
red star 4.04.011 Enrollment in Courses Without Skills Requirement
red star 4.04.012 Mandatory Load Limits for Developmental Students
red star 4.04.014 Developmental Education:  Monitoring Student Participation in Mandatory Developmental Education Requirements
red star 4.04.015 In Progress Grades for Developmental Students
red star 4.04.016 Developmental Education:  Mandatory Skill Development Courses for Certain Students Who Need Remediation
red star 4.04.017 Role of Advisors and Counselors in Support of Students in Developmental Education
red star 4.04.018 Developmental Education Effectiveness Measures
red star 4.04.020 Assessment (Local)
4.04.021 Assessment, Placement and Remediation Requirement for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
red star 4.04.022 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education:  Reading Placement and Continuous Remediation
red star 4.04.023 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education:  Writing Placement and Continuous Remediation
4.05.001 Sabbatical Leave
red star 4.05.001   Guideline/Procedure
red star 4.06.001 Administration of Eligibility Lists
red star 4.06.002 Staffing of Adjunct Faculty
red star 4.06.003 Adjunct Faculty Participation in Shared Governance
red star 4.06.004 Placement Credit for Adjunct Faculty
red star 4.06.005 Review of Adjunct Faculty Administrative Rules
red star 4.06.013 Adjunct Faculty Workloads

Board Policy Group E:  Planning & Evaluation

red star 5.01.001 Quality Improvement
red star 5.02.001 Use of College Facilities
red star 5.02.002 Use of College Facilities by Students and Registered Student Organizations or Groups
red star 5.02.003 Alterations to ACC Property
red star 5.02.003 Guideline/Procedure
red star 5.02.004 Furniture and Equipment Acquisition
red star 5.02.005 Keys and Access Control Cards
red star 5.03.002 Internal Audit
red star 5.04.001 Reporting Substantive Changes to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
red star 5.04.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 5.04.002 Assessment of Instructional Programs

Board Policy Group F:  Personnel

red star 6.01.001 Communicable Disease
red star 6.01.003 Employment of Individuals Under the Americans With Disabilities Act
red star 6.01.003 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.01.004 Criminal History and Background Checks for Employment
red star 6.01.004   Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.02.001 Employee Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
red star 6.02.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.02.002 Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment of Students on the Basis of Disability, Race, Color, or National Origin
red star 6.02.002 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.03.001 Recruitment and Posting of Position Openings
red star 6.03.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.04.001 Appointment of Full-Time Faculty
red star 6.04.002 Faculty English Proficiency
red star 6.05.002 Full-Time Faculty Placement and Advancement
red star 6.05.003 Placement of Interns
red star 6.05.004 College Work-Study Program
red star 6.05.006 Employment of Hourly Personnel
red star 6.05.007 Employment Eligibility Verification
red star 6.05.007 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.05.008 Employment of Temporary Workers and Trainers in H-1B Nonimmigrant Status
red star 6.05.008 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.06.001 Credentials Review of Administrators for Reassignment
red star 6.06.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.06.002 Employment of Personnel
red star 6.06.003 Dual Employment
red star 6.06.004 Substitute Professors
red star 6.06.004 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.07.001 Faculty Evaluation
red star 6.07.002 Professional Development Hours
red star 6.07.002 Guideline/Procedure - Professional Development Hours
red star 6.07.002 Guideline/Procedure - Faculty Professional Development Hours
red star 6.07.003 Staff Evaluation, Performance Excellence Program
red star 6.08.001 Termination of Annual Contract Employees
red star 6.08.002 Termination of Non-Faculty Employees
red star 6.08.002 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.08.003 Progressive Discipline Procedures
red star 6.08.003 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.08.004 Transfer/Reassignment of Employee
red star 6.08.005 Resolution of an Employee Grievance
red star 6.08.005 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.001 Family and Medical Leave
red star 6.09.001   Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.002 Employee Orientation
red star 6.09.003 Employee Benefits
red star 6.09.004 Educational Advancement Program
red star 6.09.004 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.005 Non-Accrued Paid Leave
red star 6.09.005 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.006 Educational Incentive Award
red star 6.09.007 Leave
red star 6.09.009 Accrued Leave
red star 6.09.009 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.010 Sick Leave Pool
red star 6.09.010 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.09.011 Overtime  for Non-Exempt Employees
red star 6.09.011 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.10.004 Leave Without Pay
red star 6.10.004 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.10.006 Holiday Pay
red star 6.10.010 Payroll
red star 6.10.012 Compensatory Time for Professional-Technical Employees
red star 6.10.012 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.10.013 Temporary Assignment Pay (TAP)
red star 6.10.013 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.11.001 Ethics
red star 6.11.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 6.11.002 Approval for Solicitation of External Organizations

Board Policy Group G:  District Finances

red star 7.02.001 Purchasing and Contracts
red star 7.02.004 Copiers
red star 7.03.001 Travel
red star 7.03.001 Guideline/Procedure
red star 7.03.002 College Vehicle Use and Upkeep
red star 7.03.003 Business Expense Reimbursement
red star 7.03.003 Guideline/Procedure
red star 7.07.002 Refund of Tuition and Fees, Semester Credit Courses
red star 7.07.003 Continuing Education Refund Policy
red star 7.07.004 Student Financial Aid
red star 7.07.005 Satisfactory Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

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