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Associate Degree Nursing Physiology Review


Blood Flow Through the Heart

Beginning with the superior and inferior vena cavae and the coronary sinus, the flowchart below summarizes the flow of blood through the heart, including all arteries, veins, and valves that are passed along the way.

1. Superior and inferior vena cavae and the coronary sinus  
2. Rt. atrium
3. Tricuspid valve (also called the rt. atrioventricular valve)
4. Rt. ventricle
5. Pulmonary semilunar valve
6. Pulmonary trunk
7. Right and left pulmonary arteries
8. Lungs
7. Pulmonary veins
8. Lt. atrium
9. Bicuspid valve (also called the lt. atrioventricular valve or mitral vale )
10. Lt. ventricle
11. Aortic semilunar valve
12. Ascending aorta
13. Coronary arteries
14. Arch of aorta

Click here to view an animation on the flow of blood through the heart.

Flow of blood through the heart




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This material is based upon work supported by the Nursing, Allied Health and Other Health-related Educational Grant Program, a grant program funded with proceeds of the State’s Tobacco Lawsuit Settlement and administered by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.