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ITSE-1302 Computer Programming: Scientific Python 1

This material applies to Distance Learning sections  taught by Professor Baldwin.

Online Orientation Material

Fall 2018

Revised: 04/26/18

The official web page for this course is located here.

Online Orientation

All students enrolled in this course are required to complete online orientation at the beginning of the course.

All orientation for this course is provided online. If you have completed these online orientation procedures and still need personal orientation, please visit me during my regular office hours.

To accomplish online orientation, visit the links on the official web page for this course and read the material pointed to by those links. The link to the official web page is given above.

Then log into Blackboard, access your course, and use the Blackboard "Send Email" feature within the first five days of the course to send an Email message to Prof. Baldwin confirming that you have completed online orientation. Make the subject of your message read "Online orientation complete." If you fail to do this, you may suffer administrative penalties, which may include the loss of eligibility for financial aid.


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