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ITSE 1359 Introduction to Scripting Languages: Python

This material applies to classroom sections and Distance Learning sections taught by Professor Baldwin.

Optional Videos

Fall 2018

Revised: 08/15/18

The official web page for this course is ITSE1359.htm

Optional Videos

I am providing the following list of optional Python instructional videos for the benefit of those students who prefer to learn by watching videos.

These videos are not accessible to blind, visually impaired, or hearing impaired students and they are not critical to achieving the learning objectives of this course. They are being listed here solely as an optional learning resource for those students who can benefit from them.

Be aware that many online videos were created using Python version 2.x. Some of the code in those videos will not be compatible with Python 3.4.x.

Obviously you could do a Google search and locate dozens or perhaps hundreds of additional Python videos. Those videos may or may not be there the next time you want to watch them. These videos were selected because they are on relatively stable websites. Hopefully they will continue to be available over time but I have no control over that. If you find one of the links to be broken, please let me know so that I can remove it from this list.


File: ITSE1359OptionalVideos.htm

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