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ITSE2317 Java Programming (Intermediate)

This information applies to classroom sections and Distance Learning sections taught by Professor Baldwin.

Who Should Enroll

Spring 2014

Revised 10/31/13

The official web page for this course is ITSE2317.htm

Question: Should you enroll in Professor Baldwin's section of this Intermediate Java Programming course?

Answer: This is not a beginning Java programming course. The official prerequisite for this course is ITSE2321 Object-Oriented Programming, or departmental approval.

Unless you understand everything that I normally require in the Object-Oriented Programming course, you may have difficulty succeeding in this course.

You can find the material that I normally require in the Object-Oriented Programming course at Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with Java.

Sometimes students enroll in this course without satisfying the formal prerequisite. In some cases, this works out all right. In other cases, it doesn't work well at all.

For example, if you have completed and understand all of the Object-Oriented concepts that are (or should be) taught in ITSE 2431 Advanced C++ Programming, and are willing to work on your own to learn those Java concepts covered in my Object-Oriented Programming course that differ from C++, skipping the prerequisite might work.

Also, if you have extensive Object-Oriented programming experience in some other OOP language such as C++, C#, or Smalltalk, and are willing to work on your own to catch up in Object-Oriented Programming, skipping the prerequisite might work.

Otherwise, it might not be a good idea to skip the prerequisite.

If you enroll in this course, please don't ask me to teach the Object-Oriented Programming material to you. If you don't already understand that material, it will be your responsibility to learn it, on your own, without assistance from me.

Some of the concepts that you will be required to master in this course are more complex and abstract than you would probably encounter by enrolling in ITSE 2431 Advanced C++ Programming.

To succeed in this course, you must already be proficient in OOP and the related topics of encapsulation, inheritance, and runtime polymorphism.

You must also be proficient in the use of the Java interface which is a very powerful, complex, and abstract concept.

Java is built on references (restricted pointers) and indirection. Proficiency in the use of these concepts is absolutely necessary.

You must also be proficient in a great many other topics covered in the Object-Oriented Programming course and be prepared to deal with an expanded version of the issues described in the "Who Should Enroll" document provided for that course. Please take a look at that document.

You will also be required to work very hard. During the semester, you will be required to write and submit twelve different Java programs and take three online tests. These programs are specifically designed to reinforce the concepts that you are expected to learn in the course. While they are not long programs, they will require most students to do quite a lot of thinking. In addition, you may be required to do a great deal of independent research involving programming concepts that won't be covered in the classroom.

Also please take a look at Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with Java before registering for this course.


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