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ITSE2321 Object-Oriented Programming

This material applies to classroom sections and Distance Learning sections taught by Professor Baldwin.

Running DrJava at ACC-NRG

Spring 2017

Revised 10/22/16

The official web page for this course is ITSE2321.htm

The following material applies to running DrJava in the ACC computer labs. Some of the material also applies to running DrJava on your computer at home.

When you use DrJava in conjunction with Ericson's media library, you must set a classpath in DrJava to point to the media library on your disk.

(See the note in the document titled Instructions for Downloading and Submitting Assignments regarding the requirement to download a copy of Ericson's media library from her website. Also note that the classpath environment variable is not the same as the path environment variable.)

To set the classpath in DrJava to Ericson's media library:

  1. Choose the menu option Edit -> Preferences -> Resource Locations -> Extra Classpath/Add
  2. Select the bookClasses folder containing Ericson's library.
  3. Click the Apply button.
  4. Click the OK button.

DrJava was written in Java. Therefore, you should be able to download a Jar file version of DrJava to your H-Drive and run it from the command line as a Java application by executing a command similar to the following in the folder containing the Jar file:

java -jar drjava-stable-20120818-r5686.jar

In the past when Oracle has released a new version of Java, some students have reported compatibility issues between the new version of Java and some versions of DrJava. Make certain that the version of DrJava that you download is said to be compatible with the version of Java that you are running.

You should be able to download the jar file to your H-Drive (or possibly to a USB flash drive) and use it as described above. If you find that not to be the case, please let me know.


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