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Jeff J. Bechtold, Ph.D
Professor of Physics


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  1401 General Physics I 1405 Conceptual Physics I 2425 Engineering Physics I
  1402 General Physics II 1407 Conceptual Physics II 2426 Engineering Physics II
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  Hyperphysics Blackboard Desmos Graphing
  ACC Physics Resources Free Tutoring at ACC Interactive Examples (UI)
  The Physics Classroom PhysOrg Science News Vector Addition PHET
MIT OpenCourseWare PHET Simulations Vector Calculator
  Texas Gateway AP1 Texas Gateway AP2
  Openstax Textbooks Free PowerPoint Viewer Quadractic Equation solver
  Physics Hypertextbook Khan Academy Tutorials Elastic Collision Calculator
  MIT epii Open Course Heat Engines Collisions in Two Dimensions
  Technical Reading Animated Engines CalcPlot3D
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  Zapper Z Blog SC 1405 Page SFRTAS

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