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my prints

student designs

line drawing
Breaking down objects with simple geometric shapes. Student pencil drawing by Donna Dong
value pencil drawing
initial exploration of value in pencil
popcorn drawing

Charcoal drawings exploring composition and value with popcorn in a space.

popcorn 2
value geo shapes
Charcoal drawings exploring value
value charcoal space
These are large scale, mosaic drawings completed by multiple classes over several semseters. A description of the project:
mosaic of
7'5" x 16'7" mosaic charcoal drawing
Mosaic drawing of a still from Dusk Til Dawn
7'5" x 11'7" mosaic charcoal drawing
carosel mosaic drawing
7'4" x 10' mosaic charcoal drawing
reflective drawing 1
reflective tongs of a fork drawing
Charcoal drawings of reflective & transparent sufaces in a space.
reflective coffee pot
transparent jar drawing
plate drawing
fork in a jar drawing
Charcoal drawings using a grid to design within a space.
Frames drawing
Charcoal drawings expressively dark in value
Dark value drawing
frames drawing 2
bottle and fabric drawing
Frontal portraits in pencil
female frontal
frontal view 2
3/4 view portrait in pencil
3/4 view figure
Back musculature in pencil
muscle description
Profile portraits in pencil
30 minute figure drawing in pencil
30 min figure drawing

The Mosaic Drawing Assignment:

A black and white photograph is divided into several small squares of equal size; each student is given a random set of numbered squares. Unaware of the larger image the small squares will make, each student must copy, in charcoal, each abstract square as closely as possible, on a much larger, proportionate one. Only after all of the squares each student has drawn are re-assembled, is the larger, overall image revealed to the class.