Citizens Communications

In order that the business of the Board may be conducted in a fair and orderly fashion, the Board Chair has set forth the following procedures for citizens to appear before the Board at its regular business meetings. Such procedures are intended to maximize the benefits of public input and to avoid unfair discrimination among those seeking to express views. The Board reserves the right to amend and/or waive any or all of these procedures by majority vote of its members.

1. Individuals who wish to speak before the Board:

  • Should notify the Board Coordinator in advance or
  • Sign-up prior to the declared start time for the meeting. The sign-up sheet is usually available 30 minutes before the start of the meeting in the Board Room, with the Board Coordinator.

2. Only individuals officially recognized by the Chair of the Board may speak.

3. Three minutes are allocated to each citizen to be heard. In the case where several citizens from the same organization wish to speak on a particular issue, the Board Chair may require the designation of a spokesperson. If more than three people wish to speak on a topic, the Chair may divide a fixed amount of time (of no less than 10 minutes) among them.

4. The use of profanity, obscenity, personal attacks, and / or otherwise offensive language shall be sufficient cause for the Chairman of the Board to withdraw a person's permission to address the Board.

5. Because Texas open-meeting laws forbid the Board from discussing matters which have not been specifically posted as planned agenda items, Board members will not directly respond to citizens' communications at the meeting.

For more information regarding citizens' communications, please call 512-223-7613.