Are you a technical writer?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following, this career might be a good choice for you. If so, contact the department chairperson for the Business & Technical Communications program (see below):

  • Do you have strong communication skills, perhaps developed in a liberal-arts degree in college?
  • Do you have an aptitude for language and an interest in technology and science?
  • Do you work in government and business where you do a lot of writing, but you have no training as a writer, and your job title does not include "writer."
  • Are you a career-changer looking for better opportunities? (Basic college requirements such as freshman English and algebra can be transfered in if you have attended college in the past.)
  • Are you a technician wanting to improve your writing skills? Have you been called upon to write product literature or to document organizational processes?
  • Are you a practicing technical communicator wanting to freshen your skills or explore areas such as web publishing, online helps, XML, structured authoring, single sourcing, graphics, or team-based documentation processes?

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