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Social Media Communication

The Certificate and the Associate of Applied Science in the Social Media Communications Specialization are designed to enable technical communication students and others to get employment as social media strategists, social media specialists, and social media managers or coordinators.

Note: Certificate and degree plans are flexible; courses can be substituted from the other specialization. Contact the department chairperson.

Note: The Business & Technical Communications Program offers a Social Media Communication Certificate through Continuing Education. Same tuition rate for all; no admissions process. See the required courses at the bottom of this page.

Recommended electives. Courses offered by the Visual Communication program and by the Computer Information Systems program are highly recommended for careers in technical communication:

Certificate. Descriptions of the certificate, with requirements and course listings, by catalog date:

Associate of Applied Science. Description of the AAS degree, with requirements and course listings, by catalog date:

Continuing Education Certificate. Take any of these six courses (the more the better) to earn the CE certificate:

  • ETWR 1091 Introduction to Technical Writing (ENGL 2311 for credit)
  • ETWR 1074 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information (ETWR 1374 for credit)
  • ETWR 1471 Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation (ETWR 1471 for credit)
  • ETWR 2073 XHTML and CSS for Information Specialists (ETWR 2473 for credit)
  • ETWR 2071 Social Media Tools II: Monitoring and Analysis (ETWR 1472 for credit)
  • ETWR 1070 Social Media Law & Ethics (ETWR 1370 for credit)
  • ETWR 2376 WordPress CMS-Based Websites and Blogs. (Continuing Education version not available)
  • ETWR 2264 Practicum (or Field Experience)—English Technical and Business Writing. This is an internship course. (Continuing Education version not available)

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