Business & Technical Communications Program
Social Media Communication Specialization:

Associate of Applied Science Degree — 2014-2015 Catalog

The degree in Social Media Communication is designed to enable technical communication students and others to get employment as social media strategists, social media specialists, and social media managers or coordinators.

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Semester 1
ENGL 2311 Technical & Business Writing 3xxxx
Oral Communication1 3xxxx
ETWR 1471 Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation 4xxxx
Computer Elective or Visual Communication Elective2 3-4xxxx
xx 13-14xxxx

Semester 2
ETWR 1472 Social Media Tools II: Monitoring and Analysis 4xxxx
ETWR 2379 Editing Government, Business and Technical Information 3xxxx
ETWR 1374 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information 4xxxx
Social & Behavioral Science elective1 3xxxx
ETWR 2479 Collaborative Wikis for Information Development
Changing to Web-Based Content Management Systems
xx 18xxxx

Semester 3
ETWR 2473 XHTML and CSS for Information Specialists 4xxxx
ARTC 1459 Visual Design for New Media 3xxxx
Mathematics elective1 3xxxx
Computer Elective or Visual Communication Elective2 3-4xxxx
xx 13-14xxxx

Semester 4
Humanities elective1 3xxxx
ETWR 2478 XML and DITA and Structured Authoring for Information Specialists 4xxxx
ETWR 1474 Emerging Technologies in Social Networking 4xxxx
ETWR 1370 Social Media Law & Ethics 3xxxx
# ETWR 1379 Technical Communicators: Careers and Professionalism3 3xxxx
xx 17xxxx

TOTAL 60-62xxxx

    + Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions.
    # Capstone course
  1. Select from the General Education Course List.
  2. Select from BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications, COSC 1301 Introduction to Computing, ARTC 1402 Digital Imaging I, ARTC 1413 Digital Publishing I, ARTC 1459 Visual Design for New Media, ARTC 2405 Digital Imaging II, ARTC 2413 Digital Publishing II, IMED 1416 Web Design I, IMED 2415 Web Design II, IMED 1445 Interactive Digital Media I, IMED 1441 Interface Design, and IMED 2470 User Experience Design. Ask the department chair for recommendations.
  3. Capstone requirement.

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