Business & Technical Communications Program

Technical Communication Specialization:
Certificate — 2010-2011 Catalog

The Certificate in Technical Communications provides preparation essential for careers in technical communications. Courses include developing print and online materials, online helps, web sites, and graphics; working within the documentation process as writers, editors, reviewers, designers, and coordinators; exploring industry developments involving single sourcing, content management, and document control; using software applications most in demand by employers to develop portfolio-quality documents; and, most importantly, practicing clear succinct direct writing that is carefully adapted to its intended audience. Coursework in this certificate program can be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Technical Communications.

Please note that there is a great deal of flexibility in this degree. While the composition, speech, math, humanities, and social and behavioral science courses are required, you can substitute any ETWR course for another that you prefer. You can also take any combination of computer and Visual Communication electives that you prefer—even to the exclusion of one or the other.

Note: To see catalog descriptions for courses that are in the major, move your mouse pointer over the ETWR and ENGL course titles below.

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Semester 1
Business & Technical Communications Elective4 3-4xxxx
ETWR 1374 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information 4xxxx
Office Administration Elective1
Computer elective2
Visual Communication elective3 3-4xxxx
xx 12-15xxxx

Semester 2
ENGL 2311 Technical & Business Writing 3xxxx
ETWR 2472
ETWR 2476
Book-Length Documents with Adobe FrameMaker
Book-Length Documents with MS Word
ETWR 2473 XHTML and CSS for Information Specialists 4xxxx
ETWR 2374 Online Helps and Help-Authoring Tools 3xxxx
Business & Technical Communications Elective4 3-4xxxx
ETWR 2379 Editing Government, Business and Technical Information 3xxxx
xx Capstone Portfolio Examination5 xxxx
xx 20-21xxxx

TOTAL 32-36xxxx

    + Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions.

    # Capstone course

  1. Students lacking computer skills should take COSC 1300, COSC 1301, or BCIS 1305; students with limited experience with Microsoft Word should take POFT 1329. Students with skills in these areas should take a Semester II course such as ENGL 2311 or ARTC 1402.
  2. Students are encouraged to take a course focusing on computer networks, databases, operating systems, or programming from Computer Information Technology or Computer Science departments.
  3. Students are encouraged to take a course focusing on web design, graphics, automated drafting, and multimedia from Visual Communications or Engineering Design Graphics departments.
  4. Please select from: ETWR 1377, ETWR 2478, or ETWR 2477.
  5. Second semester capstone requirement - Portfolio Examination.

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