KRYTERION is an online secured test delivery company offering you a viable addition to high-stakes test delivery with unsurpassed program control and convenience. No longer do you have to sacrifice security to deliver your tests online. Through Webassessor(TM), our Online Secured Testing Technology, you can author test questions, create tests, deliver your tests in a variety of test delivery formats and manage your Test Taker data anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Test Taker Instructions

Taking a certification exam can often be an exciting and yet anxious experience. At a High-stakes Online Secured Testing Location (HOST Location), we want you to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Please take a minute and review KRYTERION's Test Taker Instructions, which will provide valuable knowledge as to what to expect on test day as well as while you wait on your results.

Register For This Test

To schedule an appointment, please visit the Kryterion web site. We are unable to register students onsite and we cannot accept walk-ins for this exam. All requests must be handled by Kryterion.