Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE delivers millions of high-stakes tests a year across the globe for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing service markets. It boasts the world's leading test center network, with over 5,000 test centers in 165 countries, 230 of which are fully-owned and -operated Pearson Professional Centers. Pearson Professional Centers utilize a patent-winning design, which was created specifically for high-stakes testing and offers a carefully controlled, consistent testing environment. Learn more about our test center networks.

Pearson VUE Test Centers

Pearson VUE Test Centers, located throughout the United States, are quiet, secure, quality testing sites that provide an environment conducive to candidates having a positive and successful testing experience. This test center network was originally born out of a need to accommodate state regulatory agencies across the United States, as a natural service and outgrowth of the acquired Promissor business. Each of the test centers meet Pearson VUE's strict criteria for facilities, equipment, and minimization of distractions.

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