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Enrollment Process for Daytime Program

Enrollment generally takes place once a year with new children beginning at the start of the ACC academic year. In the event of turnover during the year, the director will go back to the waiting list to fill the vacant spot.

The waiting list for the Child Lab is long, with more names than can be accommodated with our limited number of available spots each year. Typically fewer than 5% of those who apply to the waiting list are actually enrolled into the program.

In January or February, postcards are mailed to waiting list parents asking them to return a self-addressed, stamped card updating any information and stating whether they wish to remain on the waiting list by a specified date. The waiting list is updated after the deadline, usually in March.

In April, currently enrolled parents are also asked to return a form stating whether or not they intend to reenroll the next year. The number of available slots for enrollment in the different categories (student, staff/faculty, and community) is determined based on that information.

The director begins the process of reviewing the waiting list and contacting parents in May, using the program’s waiting list guidelines. Enrollment for the next academic year is usually completed by the end of June.

Download the Waiting List Form