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Information and Purpose

The Parent Association was formed by a group of parents interested in becoming partners with the Lab School staff and teachers to provide mutual support, communication, and fund-raising in order to maximize resources for the children served by the school. The Parent Association is open to all parents with children enrolled in the program.

The Association is self-governed and self-sustained. The goal of the Association is to function without the help of staff, while including them. The Association decides each year how frequently and when they want to meet. Child care is provided. Reminders about the meeting are posted on the communication board and a google invite is sent out at least a week prior to the meeting.

The Parent Association has three purposes:

  • Choose, organize and implement fundraising projects to benefit the program – Money raised during fundraising events will be placed in an account and supervised by the Association’s treasurer and the Lab School director and used to assist with teacher training, staff recognition, and educational programs and field trips.
  • Provide opportunities for parent education and support - The Association will assist with the planning of monthly parenting workshops in collaboration with staff and other community organizations.
  • Provide an avenue for communication between staff and parents - Meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss questions, compliments and concerns as well as share ideas.