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Getting Ready for College

ACC's Degrees, Certificates & Classes

The College Catalog has an overview of everything ACC offers. It includes explanations of all the college's programs and services, as well as degree plans and course descriptions.

When it comes time to register, it's important to understand how ACC organizes individual courses into degrees and certificates. The Academic Programs page explains things like the difference between an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Applied Science degree. It also talks about core curriculum, or the required courses for each major.

Maybe you've decided on an area of study- such as Biotechnology or Nursing- but are not sure about which degrees and certificates are offered. The Award Plans page has links to all of ACC's degree plans.

Already know which ACC classes you're looking for? You can find them in the Course Schedule.

Bridge Program

If your TSI assessment scores are slightly below state standards, ACC's Bridge Program is designed to help you quickly meet the requirements to enroll in college classes without taking Developmental Education. The program's intensive 40-to 45-minute sessions in reading, writing, and mathematics are customized to your individual knowledge gaps.


Claiming Your Earned Credit

If you passed an AP exam or completed a Tech Prep course in high school, you have unclaimed college credit. This earned credit (also called credit in escrow) can only be applied to your transcript once you enroll in college. Follow the links to find out how to claim your credit from the AP exam or Tech Prep.

Enrollment Steps

Use ACC Enrollment Steps to make the next connection.

If none of the above applies to you, use the College Connection Checklist to get yourself ready.

Tuition & In-District Status

Your cost per credit hour is determined by your residency status as defined by the Texas Education Code. Texas residents are considered in-district if their address on file in Admissions and Records is in the ACC taxing district. Property owners and their dependents living in Texas but outside the ACC tax district who own property in-district and pay taxes supporting ACC may be eligible for in-district tuition. A current property tax statement is required for verification. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by the Board of Trustees. A chart of tuition rates can be found Paying for College page.