College Connection
Paying for College

Lack of funds is no reason to postpone your goals. In 2011-12, Austin Community College helped students receive over $101.1 million in financial aid, scholarships, grants, Work-Study, and loans. On the Financial Aid page you can find everything from ways to calculate financial need, to various loans and grant options, to financial aid eligibility and applications forms.

The College Connection Scholarship awards $2,500 to incoming freshmen who have participated in the program. It's good toward tuition, books, and fees. Complete the online application by April 1 of each year.

The Support Center is a program that offers financial and counseling support to eligible students. Follow the link to see how ACC can help you pay for college.

Many external agencies have information to help you prepare for your college financial responsibilities. We recommend you look at TG's Adventures in Education page for helpful assistance.