COVID-19 Case Reports

Reviewed & Updated: 11/30/20

For the safety of our community, Austin Community College District requires faculty, staff, and students to self-report if they test positive for COVID-19 or are exposed to someone who tests positive. The college closely follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting and contact tracing protocols. ACC’s procedures are available on the Health & Safety Protocols webpage.

ACC COVID-19 Dashboard

The following data tracks new and cumulative cases of COVID-19 self-reported to the college by ACC students and employees who have returned to campus since the college reopened on July 6, 2020. Prior to this date, campuses were closed and all instruction and work occurred online. There have been no cases of campus transmission to date. All cases originated outside the college.

Total COVID-19 Cases 

Time Period Students Employees Total
July 6 - November 27 19 10 29

Monthly/Weekly Report of COVID-19 Cases 

Time Period Students Employees
July 6-31 8 4
August (No Cases) 0 0
September  1 1
October 7 3
11/6 1 1
11/13 0 1
11/20 1
11/27 1 0