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U.S. History I



Students will take four exams.  Each exam will cover a separate chronological period:

        1492-1763, 1763-1815, 1815-1840 and 1840-1877.

There will NOT be a comprehensive “final” exam.  The last exam will test for the material covered since the third exam.

Each exam will have two parts:  objective and essay.  The objective section will count toward 40% of your exam grade.  The essay section will count toward 60% of each exam grade.  See the Course Schedule for the dates of each exam.

The purpose of the exam is to test your ability to analyze the information contained in the textbook and the class lectures.  Memorization will NOT be enough.  In order to demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials, you must use clear, concise sentences.  You must show that you can organize your thoughts and explain your reasoning.  Good grammar, spelling, and punctuation are essential.  These are the criteria on which your essay grade will be based.


Students who fail either of the first two exams will have the opportunity to retest.  All retests must be arranged with the instructor and must be taken by the date specified by the instructor.  The highest grade that can be earned on a retest is a 70.  Students may NOT use the retest to make up an exam.
Retests will be given at the Rio Grande Campus Testing Center.  For hours, see the ACC Testing Centers or call:  223-3164.

Make-Up Exams

Students who cannot attend class the day an exam is given may have the opportunity to take a make-up exam.  Students must contact the instructor BEFORE the scheduled date of the exam to arrange for a make-up exam. ONLY STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE PERMISSION FROM THE INSTRUCTOR MAY TAKE A MAKE-UP EXAM.  See the Course Schedule for the date when you take the make-up exam.

All make-up exams for each of the first three exams will be given at the Highland Testing Center ONLY on the date listed in the Course Schedule.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.  For hours, see the ACC Testing Centers.

UNIT 1:  “The Colonial Experience” – 1492-1763
Exam Review
UNIT 2:  “Building a Nation” -- 1763-1815
Exam Review
UNIT 3:  “The Market Revolution” -- 1815-1840
Exam Review
UNIT 4:  “A Nation Divided” -- 1840-1877
Exam Review

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