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English 1301 ONL / section 169 / synonym 16443
Fall 2014 / 16-week semester

English 1302 PRN / section 022 / synonym 16590
Fall 2014 / 16-week semester

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Instructor: Donald Skrabanek
My ACC Home page:

Voice mail: To leave a voice message, dial (512) 223-1790.
When the system answers, enter my voice mailbox number 23376 and press # to leave a message. I tend to check voice mail infrequently. Use Blackboard Messages or Email for a faster reply.

Office: Rio Grande Campus Portable (between Main Building and Annex, 1212 Rio Grande)
Office Hours (unless otherwise announced in Blackboard):

       7:15 - 9:15 pm Thursday (August 28 - December 11)

Office Phone (during above hours): (512) 223-3248

Campus Mailbox: Rio Grande Room 204
Intercampus Mail: Donald Skrabanek/RGC English

U.S. Mail: send to
Donald Skrabanek
English/Rio Grande Campus
1212 Rio Grande
Austin TX 78701

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