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The course documents available in Blackboard are also available at Skrabanek's ACC home page, which does not require a login. Follow the link to your section.

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Explore the many features of Austin Community College at the ACC Home Page.

Click here to access a variety of ACC Student Resources.

Click here for ACC Distance Learning Services.

ACC offers special learning opportunities through its Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

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Visit Skrabanek's Online Grammar Handbook for a review of grammar and grammar errors.

A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep is a handy site that deals with the writing process as well as the research paper, critical analysis, and grammar. (Thanks to the Girl Scouts in California for this link.)

The Grammar and Punctuation Glossary is a handy list of common grammar and punctuation terms. The glossary defines each term and then provides a link for more information about the term. Check it out.

You can find many helpful Library Guides and Online Tutorials on the ACC Library site.

To make your writing experience easier and more effective, read about the writing process at this page from the University of Victoria writing workshop. This site offers a wide variety of writing information, so you might want to bookmark this one to return to later.

A well-written essay displays good structure, unity, and coherence. Visit these links to learn more about crafting a good essay.

Observing the rules of standard English grammar will help you to get your papers accepted more readily. Writing well requires attention and thought, as well as a knowledge of these rules. Review these various grammar links to prepare for the Grammar and Punctuation Quiz:


ACC Library Services

The ACC Library site is an excellent gateway to many search options.

See what ACC Library has available in E-books.

Using ACC Library Databases

You can utilize many of the ACC Library's services from your own home computer. Learn how to search databases off-campus at this site.

A comprehensive list of online resources available through the ACC Library is available at this link.

You can find many helpful Study Guides on the ACC Library site. Look at these documents:
Developing Research Topics
Documentation and Plagiarism
Finding Biographical Information on the Web
Finding and Evaluating Information on the Internet
Finding Periodical Articles

Distance Learning students sometimes feel stranded and without sufficient resources to complete the research project. Find out about Distance Learning Library Services at this site.

A Few Search Engines


Planning and Outlining the Research Paper

Read about planning the research paper at this site. There's some good advice at this site, so take a look.

Get more tips on writing the research paper at the University of Victoria writing workshop.

One of the first steps in the research process is to build an outline for the essay. The outline serves as a skeleton on which to hang your details. Assignment 4 requires that you turn in a preliminary outline (Assignment 3) for your research paper. Get specific information on topic outlines in the Assignment 3 Lecture.

Gathering Information

Review Research Paper Guide for information on identifying and searching sources.

Here's a link to a short Paraphrasing Tutorial.

You should also return to the University of Victoria writing workshop for details on using quotes. Scroll down about halfway to the section on "Quoting Material In Your Work."

For concise information on Direct Quotes, visit this link to the Online Grammar Handbook.

MLA Documentation

One important part of the research project is the use of proper citations and documentation. You must keep a careful record of where you find information that you include in your research essay, and you must give proper credit to the source of that information. You do these things through citations and documentation. Study these links carefully to find out all the information you will need to complete this vital part of research well. Most students who have trouble with the research project simply do not pay enough attention to the detail required by citation and documentation. You will need this knowledge to complete your research project and to pass the MLA Quiz. Visit these links to learn about MLA citation and documentation.

The ACC Library offers an MLA documentation tutorial at this link: MLA Documentation Tutorial.

*If you don't find what you're looking for in the Research Paper Guide or on the site above, here's a Web site you may find very useful for your Assignment 4 report. It gives samples of corresponding citations and Works Cited entries for a wide range of sources. A very handy reference, though it is not based on the updated MLA guidelines.

MLA Sample Citations

The Research Paper Guide provides information on citing and documenting various kinds of sources, including Internet sources.

Study the various kinds of citations and Works Cited entries in the ACC MLA Documentation Guide. This is a very good place to get information on this sometimes confusing subject.

You may discover minor differences in Work Cited entry content and format in these different sources. Just be sure to include the required information. Remember, I may ask you for the source of a model you use for an Assignment 4 citation or Works Cited entry.

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