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Purposes and Patterns Primer

People communicate in a variety of ways. One way is writing. They communicate for a variety of reasons. This course will consider four major purposes for writing. It will also consider four major patterns of organizing the information.

A purpose or aim is a reason or goal for writing.
A pattern or mode is a method of organizing the writing to achieve the purpose.

Purpose is what is to be said. Style is how it is said.


The Purposes
     Expressive Purpose
     Referential Purpose
     Persuasive Purpose
     Literary Purpose

The Patterns
     Narration Pattern
     Description Pattern
     Classification Pattern
     Evaluation Pattern


Note: You will be taken to a new document for each purpose and the patterns.

If you decide to print out parts of the primer, review each document before you print it. The document may contain graphics-heavy parts that you might not want to print.

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