Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV)

If you drive an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV), you may be eligible to use preferred AFV parking spaces at ACC (Currently offered at Highland Campus South Garage Only).

How to apply for and use AFV parking

  1. Find your vehicle on the 2021 Green Car List (updated 5/2021) to determine if it is eligible for an AFV Parking Privilege.
  2. Apply for an AFV Parking Privilege. Your application will be reviewed within 5 business days.
  3. Once you receive an approval email, you are free to park in any AFV Parking spaces on campus.
  4. Find AFV parking spaces using the map links (COMING SOON!) on the right side of this page. Spaces are marked with AFV Parking signs.

*If your AFV is not listed in the Green Car List, please contact