Viewing Class Rosters and Certifying Attendance

Online Services shows accurate, up-to-date enrollments, giving faculty access to real-time class enrollment information. Once you are logged in you will be able to view class rosters and certify attendance. Instructions for each task can be found below. Deadlines and additional information can be found at the following website.

Viewing Class Rosters

Click the Class Roster link to check class rolls.

  1. Start by entering the term or the date range. Use the drop-down menu to highlight the term, or type in the dates. Then click submit.
    class roster
    Alternatively, you can leave these boxes blank and click submit. This will take you to all terms for which you have taught.
  2. At the next screen, you will choose one course by selecting the radio button to the left of the course name. Click submit to see the roster for that section.
    Class roster with radio buttons
  3. The Class Roster screen appears and includes the course you selected and the students enrolled in the course.
  4. You can place a check in the check box above the word Confidential in order to hide or show your students photos.
  5. You may view your students' profiles by selecting their hyperlinked name in the Student column. Once selected a new tab will open with the student profile listed. Close out the tab when finished reviewing the information or click on Close Window at the bottom of the screen.
    Student Profile

NOTE: You can print your class roster by going to File > Print from your Web browser.

Certify Attendance

The certify attendance column defaults to "Attended".

You must select the drop-down menu to change the status to "Never attended" for those who have not attended by the deadline.

Once you have completed your attendance certification, check the certify check box and click Submit at the bottom of the page to complete certification of attendance for your class roster.

5. Email Confirmations

Submitted certifications - You will receive an email confirmation each time you check the certify check box and click Submit from this page. You can continue entering and/or changing certification statuses up until the deadline. All students that are marked as "never attended" are automatically dropped from the class section. You will receive an email confirmation about the "never attended" students. The student(s) will also receive the email.

Unsubmitted certifications - If you fail to submit the certification by the deadline you will also receive an email. Department chairs and deans are copied on the late submission emails. This email will include the manual steps that are necessary to take after the certification deadline. The steps are manual as the online class roster is locked for entries after the deadline. Information may also be found here - Attendance Certification: Questions and Answers.