Faculty Development & Evaluation Committee


  1. Researches the current literature and available data to recommend appropriate faculty development and faculty evaluation procedures.
  2. Seeks data from all areas of the College regarding the effectiveness of faculty development procedures and activities, including evaluation of faculty development activities and disseminating the results.
  3. Reviews, develops and recommends revisions to college-wide administrative rules and procedures for faculty development and faculty evaluation.
  4. Develops and recommends guidelines and good practices for the design and delivery of faculty development, and the appropriate and effective forms, instruments, and processes for faculty evaluation.
  5. Recommends professional faculty activities and needed resources based on input from internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Recommends procedures for linking faculty development activities with needs identified in the faculty evaluation process.
  7. Develops and recommends a comprehensive, valid, and reliable, faculty evaluation process for ACC that complies with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requirements, Austin Community College District’s (ACC's) Board Policies and Administrative Rules, and reflects good practices.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the Academic and Student Affairs Council.

FY22 Meetings: Meetings will be held as virtual meetings 3rd Friday every other month, 1pm-3pm, on the following dates: September 17, October 15, November 19, February 18, March 25, and April 22.

Meeting agendas and minutes: Will be posted here.

If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Alyssa Gonzales at alyssa.gonzales@austincc.edu or 512-223-7786.

Co-Chair: Co-Chair: Eric Nathan, Dean, Office of Faculty Development and Evaluation, eric.nathan@austincc.edu, 512-223-5227.
Co-Chair: Shih-Ting Lee,  Manager,  Faculty Evaluation Office, TLED, slee12@austincc.edu

Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email ID
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices (2 year terms)
Instructional Designer Jennifer Gray VC, Instruction NRG 3-4745 jgray@austincc.edu
Academic Dean DeShaunta Stewart VC, Instruction N/A N/A deshaunta.stewart@austincc.edu
Workforce Dean Giao Phan VC, Instruction HYS 3-1670 gphan@austincc.edu
Department Chair Richard Fofi VC, Instruction HLC 3-7475 rfofi@austincc.edu
Department Chair Sandra McCrary-Marshall VC, Instruction EVC 3-5768 marshall@austincc.edu
Representatives of ACC Constituencies (1 year term)
Full-Time Faculty Senate Jessica Saunders Association Pres. RRC 3-0118 jesse.saunders@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Marcus McGuff Association Pres. NRG 3-4024 mmcguff@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Lei Ji Association Pres. N/A 3-2162 lei.ji@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Emily Olson Association Pres. EGN 3-9416 emily.olson@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Eric VanGorkom Association Pres. CYP 3-2115 evangork@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association Ping Chu Association Pres. HLC N/A pchu@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association Sharon Simpson Association Pres. HYS N/A sharon.simpson@austncc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association Alex Watkins Association Pres. NRG N/A alexandra.watkins@austincc.edu
Association of Professional Technical Employees Richard Griffiths Association Pres. HBC 3-7605 rgriffit@austincc.edu
Classified Employee Association Kim Anderson Association Pres. NRG 3-4545 kimberly.anderson@austincc.edu
Student Government Association Julie Cloudt  Association Pres.  N/A  N/A  N/A