Academic & Student Affairs Council


  1. Makes recommendations regarding district-wide policies, administrative rules and procedures related to academic and student affairs.
  2. Reviews all relevant administrative rules in accordance with Administrative Rule 3.03.011.
  3. Responds to recommendations from Committees/Task Forces which report to the Council.
  4. Communicates interests and concerns of staff and constituency groups to the appropriate entity.
  5. Promotes opportunities for student leadership and participation in the shared governance process at the college.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the college President.

FY21 Meetings: Meet virtually until further notice from 10 a.m.-12 p.m, Fridays: October 2, November 6, December 4, February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7 and June 4.

Meeting minutes & documents

Co-Chair: Mike Midgley, VP, Instruction, 223-7579,
Co-Chair:  Dr. Shasta Buchanan, VP, Student Affairs, 223-7056,


Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email
AVP, Academic Programs Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott VP, Instruction HBC 3-7341
Dean Dr. Giao Phan VP, Instruction HYS 3-1691
Dean Dr. David Fonken VP, Instruction HLC 3-7346
AVP, Workforce Programs Dr. Gretchen Riehl VP, Instruction HBC 3-7746
Executive Dean, Central Region Dr. Dorado Kinney VP, Student Affairs HLC 3-7390
AVP, Enrollment Management Dr. Melissa Curtis VP, Student Affairs HLC 3-7088
Director, Advising Kathy James VP, Student Affairs HLC 3-7327
Director, Student Affairs Communications Ana Rummer VP, Student Affairs HBC 3-7707
Supervisor, Student Life Kelly Brown VP, Student Affairs HLC 3-7159
Regional Director, Financial Aid Campus Operations/Outreach Courrtney Vasquez VP, Student Affairs HBC 3-4600
FT Faculty (One from different dean areas) Dr. Nancy Stano Senate SGC 3-2602
FT Faculty (One from different dean areas) Gale Spear Senate EVC 3-5209
FT Faculty (One from different dean areas) Dr. Samantha Croft Senate RRC 3-0319
FT Faculty (one from different dean areas) Christian Raymond Senate NRG 3-4732
Department Chairs (One from different dean areas) Dr. Shirin Khosropour VP, Instruction RGC 3-3282
Department Chairs (One from different dean areas) Dr. Marcus McQuirter VP, Instruction HLC 3-7199
Department Chairs (One from different dean areas) Sean Moran VP, Instruction NRG 3-4944
Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Don Morris AFA TBA TBA
Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Kathy Statos AFA TBA TBA
Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Christina Michura AFA HBC 3-7564
Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) Debra Craig APTE HLC 3-7869
Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) Lauren Sebel APTE EVC 3-5159
Classified Employee Association (CEA) Minnie Duplantis CEA SGC 3-2533
Classified Employee Association (CEA) Miguel DeLeon CEA HBC 3-7667
VP, Instruction Mike Midgley Position (Co-Chair) HBC 3-7559
VP, Student Affairs Dr. Shasta Buchanan Position (Co-Chair) HBC 3-7056
AVP, Student Support Services Dr. Ruth Reinhart VP Student Affairs HBC 3-7955
Provost Dr. Charles Cook Position HBC 3-7612
Student Government Association TBA SGA N/A N/A TBA
Executive Director, Admissions & Records Linda Terry VP, Student Affairs HBC 3-7503
AVP, Student Accessibility & Social Support Resources Steve Christopher VP, Student Affairs RVS 3-6273