Curriculum & Programs Committee


  1. Review and monitor all courses and programs developed by Austin Community College.
  2. Reviews and monitors all courses and programs offered by Austin Community College to ensure compliance with rules, policies, procedures and requirements of all regulatory bodies.
  3. Reviews requests and make appropriate recommendations regarding:
    1. New courses, programs, certificates and/or degrees.
    2. Modifications to existing courses, programs, certificates and/or degrees.
    3. ACCTech agreement courses, programs, certificates and/or degrees.
    4. Articulation agreements, courses, programs and/or degrees.
    5. Deletions of courses, programs, certificates and/or degrees.
  4. Serve as a resource for the development, implementation and evaluation of courses, programs, certificates and degrees offered by Austin Community College:
    1. Consultation
    2. Referrals to appropriate resources.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the Academic and Student Affairs Council.

FY20 Meetings: Meetings will be held at HBC, Room 201, Fridays from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted, on the following dates: September 20, October 18, November 15, January 17, February 21, March 27, April 17, and June 19.

Proposal packages are due to Offices of Curriculum Development/HBC two weeks (10 working days) prior to the actual meeting date.

Meeting agendas and minutes.

If the information you are looking for is not available at the above website or if you have other questions about this committee, please contact

CoChairs: AVP, Transfer Programs, Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott; AVP Workforce Education, Dr. Gretchen Riehl
Assistants: Rhonda Little and Tammy Chalermpued

Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email
VP, Instruction Mike Midgley Position HBC 3-7579
Associate Vice President, Academic Transfer Gaye Lynn Scott Position HBC 3-7841
Associate Vice President, Workforce Education Gretchen Riehl Position HBC 3-7746
Executive Dean, Continuing Education Hector Aguilar Position HBC 3-7663
Executive Director, School Relations Shasta Buchanan Position HBC 3-7801
Associate Vice President, Distance Education Erasmus Addae Position PIN 3-8032
Dean, Assessment & Evaluation Ron Johns  Position HLC 3-7491
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices 
(1-year terms)
Dean, Workforce Brandon Whatley VP, Instruction RVS 3-6076
Dean, Workforce Lorlie Ellis VP, Instruction TBA TBA
Dean, Academic Samuel Echevarria-Cruz VP, Instruction RGC 3-3770
Dean, Academic Matthew Daude Laurents VP, Instruction RGC 3-3352
Library Services Jonathan Buckstead Dean, Library Services CYP 3-2132
Student Services Jorge Lynch Dean, Student Services RGC 3-3130
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty Senate James Friedrichsen Association Pres. RVS 3-6298
Full-Time Faculty Senate Carol Hawk Association Pres. RVS 3-6283
Full-Time Faculty Senate Patricia Collier Association Pres. EVC 3-5940
Full-Time Faculty Senate Kelly Stockstad Association Pres. CYP 3-2086
Full-Time Faculty Senate Nancy Stano Association Pres. NRG 3-4284
Full-Time Faculty Senate Cathy Angell Association Pres. NRG 3-4034
Full-Time Faculty Senate Regina Swearengin Association Pres. EVC 3-5944
Full-Time Faculty Senate Mary Kohls Association Pres. HLC 3-3185
Adjunct Faculty Association James Christianson Association Pres. NRG 3-1790
Adjunct Faculty Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Professional/Technical Association Nicole Bell
Tomi Welch
Association Pres. HBC
Classified Association Marie Fofi Association Pres. HLC 3-7303
Student Government Association Alejandro Oliveros Association Pres. N/A TBA TBA
Non-Voting Members
(serve by virtue of the position held)
Executive Director, Admissions & Records Linda Kluck Terry Position HBC 3-7503
Executive Director, Student Assistance & Veterans Affairs Jason Briseño Position HBC 3-7221
Coordinator, Environmental Health Risk & Insurance Robert Rogers Position SVC 3-1021
Director, Accreditation Misty Rasmussen Position HBC 3-7893