Distance Education Committee


  1. Reviews policies and guidelines, and recommends changes to support quality distance education programs.
  2. Established standards of good practice for distance education course development and delivery based on SACS and THECB guidelines.
  3. Assists in the analysis of evaluation for distance education student support services, and recommends changes to improve activities and outcomes.
  4. Advises staff on faculty development and resources needed to design, develop and implement quality distance education courses.

Recommendations: Forwarded to the Academic and Student Affairs Council.

Meetings FY22:  Meetings will be held as virtual meetings twice a semester, 1st Friday, from 1pm-2:30pm, unless otherwise noted, on the following dates: September 10, November 5, February 4 and April 1.

Agendas & Minutes 
If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Pam Montalbano, 223-0422, pamela.montalbano@austincc.edu

Chair: Larry Stephens, 512-223-7143, larry.stephens@austincc.edu
Co-Chair: Al Purcell, 512-223-3398, apurcell@austincc.edu

Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email
AVC, Distance Education Erasmus Addae Position RRC 3-0423 erasmus.addae@austincc.edu
AVC, Technology Development & Education Titon Hoque Position SVC 3-1295 titon.hoque@austincc.edu
IT, Blackboard Jeanette McGowan VC, Information Technology RGC 3-3000 jmcgowan@austincc.edu
Director, Academic Technology Matthew Evins Position HBC 3-7564 matthew.evins@austincc.edu
LMS Analyst, Distance Learning LaTasha Hussey AVC, Distance Education RRC 3-0421 latasha.hussey@austincc.edu
Specialist, Distance Education Support Amy Setter AVC, Distance Education RRC 3-0418 amy.setter@austincc.edu
Library Services, Distance Education Liaison Ashley Carr Dean, Library Services HLC 3-7389 acarr@austincc.edu
Specialist, Advising Robert House VC, Student Affairs SAC 3-9227 robert.house@austincc.edu
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices
(1-year terms)
Instructional Dean Lorlie Ellis VC, Instruction NRG 3-4114 lorlie.ellis@austincc.edu
Adult Education Tamy Chapman Executive Director, Adult Education NRG 3-4105 tamy.chapman@austincc.edu
Instructional Designer Angelo Caverte AVC, Distance Education RRC 3-0414 angelo.caverte@austincc.edu
Student Engagement & Analytics April Whalen VC, OIRA RRC 3-0075 april.whalen@austincc.edu
Coordinator, Business Testing Services Loreah Johnson VC, Student Affairs HLC 3-7399 ljohnso3@austincc.edu
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty Senate Kristina Elizondo Association Pres. HLC 3-7178 kristina.elizondo@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Michelle Hamilton Association Pres. EVC 3-5819 michelle.hamilton@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Liz Hundley Association Pres. EVC 3-5181 stacy.hundley@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate TBA Association Pres.      
Full-Time Faculty Senate Donna Moore Association Pres. EVC 3-5797 dmoore3@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Kathleen Nakasone Association Pres. EVC 3-5507 kathleen.nakasone@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Wajma Nasher Association Pres. RRC 3-0084 wnasher@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Jack O'Grady Association Pres. RRC 3-0237 jack.ogrady@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Kathleen Park Association Pres. RRC 3-0251 kpark@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Al Purcell Association Pres. RGC 3-3398 apurcell@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Larry Stephens Association Pres. HLC 3-7143 larry.stephens@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Sarah Strong Association Pres. RVS 3-6260 sstrong@austincc.edu
Full-Time Faculty Senate Daira Wilson Association Pres. RRC 3-0340 dwilson2@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association LaToya Childs Association Pres.     latoya.childs@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association Herb Colemen Association Pres. NRG 3-1790
ext. 22162
Adjunct Faculty Association Lillian Huerta Association Pres. RGC 3-3774 lhuerta@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association Theresa Mooney Association Pres. EVC 3-5115 tmooney@austincc.edu
Adjunct Faculty Association TBA Association Pres.      
Professional-Technical Association Rachel Barrera Association Pres. HBC 3-7975 rachel.barrera@austincc.edu
Classified Employees Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association Saliyah Parker Student Government Association     saliyah.parker@g.austincc.edu