ACC e-Staffing Committee


To ensure the smooth operation of the ACCeStaffing system in conformity with the administrative rules, relating to Adjunct Faculty workload and assignments.  Administrative Rules: AR# 4.03.004, 4.06.001, 4.06.002, and 4.06.013

Recommendations are forwarded to the Academic and Student Affairs Council.

FY22: Meet virtually until further notice, 2:30-4:00pm, on the following dates: October 5, November 9, February 8 and April 5.

Agendas and Minutes. Questions should be directed to Andrew Christie.

Chair: Kathy Galaviz, Manager, Applications Development (IT), 223-1158;
Co-chair (elected by the Committee): TBA

Position Name Appointed By Location Phone Email
Manager, Applications Development (IT); Chair Kathy Galaviz Position SVC 3-1159
Instructional Support Services Supervisor Dianne Olla Position HBC 3-7647
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices 
(1-year terms)
Administrative Assistant III; Co-Chair Sue Bloodsworth Dean, Communications RGC 3-3233
Interim Dean, Applied Tech, Multimedia, Public Service Brandon Whatley VP, Instruction RVS 3-6076
Special Assistant to the President Joe Lostracco VP, Instruction HBC 3-7607
Dept. Chair/Professor Mary Kohls VP, Instruction RGC 3-3185
Interim Dean, Communications David Lydic VP, Instruction EVC 3-5015
Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences Gaye Lynn Scott VP, Instruction RGC 3-3770
Program Specialist Gillian Waterston Department Chair, Mathematics PIN 3-8299
Representatives of ACC Constituencies 
(1-year terms)                  
Full-Time Faculty Senate Norma Mercado Association Pres. EVC 3-5928
Full-Time Faculty Senate Donald Becker Association Pres. SAC 3-9203
Adjunct Faculty Association Marla Dean Association Pres. RRH 3-1790x26508
Adjunct Faculty Association David Albert Association Pres. TBA TBA