Administrative Services Council


  1. Develops recommendations for district-wide rules and procedures.
  2. Provides for the continuous improvement of administrative services on a college-wide basis.
  3. Enhance consistency of campus/center operations across the district.
  4. Seeks to better coordinate services among all campuses/sites.
  5. Provides linkages between campuses and the various District administrative units.
  6. Responds to requests and recommendations from assigned Task Forces and Committees.
  7. Reviews recommendations for district wide facilities and preventative maintenance plans.
  8. Communicates interests and concerns of staff and constituency groups.
  9. Communicates Council decisions to staff and constituency groups.

Recommendations: Forwarded to President/CEO

Agenda and Minutes

FY20: Meetings willl be held 1:00-3:00pm, HBC Room 502 on the following dates: September 11, October 2, November 6, December 4, February 5, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5.

Questions?  If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Namour at or 512-223-1098.

Chair:  Neil Vickers, 223-1078.


Position FY20 Appointed by Campus Phone Email ID
Finance & Administration Shari Rodriquez EVP, Finance & Administration SVC 3-1106
Finance & Administration Erica Breedlove EVP, Finance & Administration HBC 3-7015
Campus Operations & Public Affairs Michael Garcia EVP, Campus Operations & Public Affairs SVC 3-7020
Campus Operations & Public Affairs Chris Cervini EVP, Campus Operations & Public Affairs HBC 3-7619
Student Services Melissa Curtis AVP, Enrollment Management HBC 3-7088
Student Services Amber Kelley Exec Dean, Student Services RRC 3-0178
Instruction (non-Faculty) Julie Todaro VP, Instruction RGC 3-3071
Instruction (non-Faculty) Brandon Whatley VP, Instruction RVS 3-6076
FT Faculty Donald Becker Full-Time Faculty Senate SAC 3-9203
FT Faculty Nancy Stano Full-Time Faculty Senate SGC 3-2602
President Direct Reports Brette Lea President HBC 3-7611
President Direct Reports Garrett Groves President HBC 3-7921
Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Samantha Ackers AFA n/a n/a
Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Christina Michura, AFA EVC 3-5129
Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) Katharine Bennett APTE RVS 3-6026
Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) Misty Rasmussen APTE HBC 3-7584
Classified Employee Association (CEA) Bernie Hinterlong CEA RRC 3-0320
Classified Employee Association (CEA) Matthew Campbell CEA NRG 3-4545
Student Government Association Steven Valdez SGA n/a n/a
EVP, Finance and Administration Neil Vickers Position (Chair) SVC 3-1098
EVP, Campus Planning & Operations Molly Beth Malcolm Position HBC 3-7683
VP, Operations & Safety Wayne Maines Position HBC 3-7600
VP, Human Resources Gerry Tucker Position HBC 3-7566