Safety & Environmental Management Committee


  1. Recommends and reviews procedures, administrative rules and programs related to environmental health and safety (SEM) security management, preparedness, emergency management and sustainability.
  2. Make recommendations to enhance campus safety.
  3. Assists in ensuring consistent district-wide implementation of safety/regulatory requirements, procedures, programs and administrative rules.
  4. Reviews activities for SEM compliance, including identifying/implementing appropriate corrective actions.
  5. Makes recommendations and assists in implementing improvements to district-wide safety practices.
  6. Periodically reviews employee and student injuries, root causes, and corrective actions to assist in injury reduction and prevention.
  7. Review crime data and statistics and make planning recommendations as appropriate.
  8. Periodically communicate SEM information to faculty and staff.
  9. Assists with implementation of appropriate SEM committees throughout district.

Recommendations: Forwarded to Administrative and Campus Affairs Council.

Agenda and Minutes

FY21 Meeting Dates: Meetings will be held as virtual meetings 3rd Thursday (generally), 10am-11am, on the following dates: Oct 22, March 4, and June 10.

Additional Information: None available at this time.
Questions? Please contact Zannie Garvin at 512-223-7829 or

Chair (appointed by TBD): Michael Garcia, at or 512-223-1015
Co-chair (Appointed by SEM Committee): TBD

Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email ID
Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Michael Garcia Position SVC 3-1015
Director, Buildings and Grounds Dean Johnson Position SVC 3-1011
Campus Police Chief Lynn Dixon Position SVC 3-1222
Assistant Police Chief Silas Griggs Position SVC  3-1226
Sciences Safety Assignment Sarah Strong Position RVS 3-6260
Sciences Safety Assignment Margaret Reid Position RGC 3-3313
Health Sciences Compliance Coordinator Lisa Enloe Position EVC 3-5867
Department, Med Lab Carolyn Ragland Position EVC 3-5131
Campus Manager, CYP Linda Haywood Position CYP 3-2003
Campus Manager, EGN Betsy Erwin Position EGN 3-9402
Campus Manager, EVC Ben Mathey Position EVC 3-3104
Campus Manager, HYS Juanita Mendez Position HYS 3-1500
Campus Manager, HLC Linda Morrison Position HLC 3-7471
Campus Manager, NRG Belvolyn Smith Position NRG 3-4703
Campus Manager, PIN David Tucker Position PIN 3-8102
Campus Manager, RGC Marilyn Lee Position RGC 3-3003
Campus Manager, RRC Judy Van Cleve Position RRC 3-0002
Campus Manager, RVS Frank Taylor Position RVS 3-6025
Campus Manager, SAC Tim Kelly Position SAC 3-9106
Sustainability Director Andy Kim Position SVC 3-1123
Sustainability Coordinator Darien Clary Position SVC 3-1004
Representatives of Job Functions (1 year term)
Dean, Workforce Nathan Zaleski VP, Instruction RVS 3-6076
Buildings and Grounds Employee Steve Clary Director, Buildings & Grounds SVC 3-1022
Workforce Faculty Thomas Hinkle Workforce Dean RRC 3-0351
Workforce Faculty Daniel Lomas Workforce Dean RVS 3-8079
Continuing Education Faculty Don Tracy Exec. Dir. CE HBC 3-7822
Continuing Education Faculty TBA Exec. Dir. CE TBA TBA TBA
Sciences Lab. Assistant Evelyn Goss Dean RRC 3-0245
Dean/Faculty, Arts & Humanities Matthew Daude Laurents VP, Instruction RGC 3-3352
IT, Video Services James Pope AVP, IT SVC 3-1240
Purchasing/Warehouse Rodney Wheeler Purchasing Director SVC 3-1056
Facilities Robert Ryland Exec. Dir., Facilities & Construction SVC 3-1036
Representatives of ACC Constituencies – 1 year term
Full-Time Faculty Senate Suzanne McFadden Association Pres. EGN 3-9431
Adjunct Faculty Association  Sarah Wilson Association Pres. TBA TBA
Association of Professional/Technical Employees  Paul Mason Association Pres. SVC 3-1008
Classified Employees Association  Regina Roberts Association Pres. HBC 3-7977
Classified Employees Association Bud Youhill Association Pres. TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA