Safety & Environmental Management Committee


  1. Recommends and reviews procedures, administrative rules, and programs related to environmental health and safety (SEM) security management, preparedness, emergency management, and sustainability.
  2. Make recommendations to enhance campus safety.
  3. Assists in ensuring consistent district-wide implementation of safety/regulatory requirements, procedures, programs, and administrative rules.
  4. Review activities for SEM compliance, including identifying/implementing appropriate corrective actions.
  5. Makes recommendations and assists in implementing improvements to district-wide safety practices.
  6. Periodically reviews employee and student injuries, root causes, and corrective actions to assist in injury reduction and prevention.
  7. Review crime data and statistics and make planning recommendations as appropriate.
  8. Periodically communicate SEM information to faculty and staff.
  9. Assists with the implementation of appropriate SEM committees throughout the district.

Recommendations: Forwarded to Administrative and Campus Affairs Council.

Agenda and Minutes

FY22 Meeting Dates: Meetings will be held as virtual meetings on 3rd Thursday (generally), 10 am-11 am, on the following dates: October 21, March 31, and June 9.

Additional Information: None available at this time.

Chair (appointed by TBD): Michael Garcia, at or 512-223-1015
Co-chair (Appointed by SEM Committee): TBD

Position Name Appointed by Campus Phone Email ID
Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Michael Garcia Position HBC 3-1015
Campus  District Police  Lieutenant Jessica Horta-Perez Position HLC4
Campus Police Chief Lynn Dixon Position SVC 3-1222
Campus District Police Lieutenant Jesus Brantner Position SVC 3-1229
Sciences Safety Assignment Dr. Jack O'Grady Position RRC 3-0237
Sciences Safety Assignment Margaret Reid Position RGC 3-3313
Health Sciences Compliance Coordinator Lisa Enloe Position EVC 3-5867
Manager of Safety and Environmental Management Christopher Beckermann Position HBC 3-7823
CEA  Matthew Krebs Position HLC4 3-7567
CEA  Regina Roberts Position HLC 3-7409
Environmental Health and Safety  Matthew Wenke Position RRC 3-0279
 ASL Full-time Instructor Jodi Oates Position RGC
Director, Campus Operations Linda Morrison Position HLC 3-7471
Campus Manager, SGC David Tucker Position SGC 3-2501
Sustainability Director Andy Kim Position SVC 3-1123
Emergency Management Coordinator Nick Caspers Position NRG 3-1079