Testing Centers: Getting Started Guide for Faculty

  • Familiarize yourself with our Testing Center Procedures.
  • If your course is a lecture class and you would like to submit an initial test, verify your course is approved for initial testing.
  • Decide how your test will be administered.
  • Complete and submit Test Transmittal Form and submit it at tss.austincc.edu. If more than one instructor will be using the same test, also complete and submit a Departmental Test Sharing Form. Both forms can be completed using Acrobat and submitted via our new online system.
  • Submit and/or verify your test.
    1. If you are using Secure Online Testing, use this checklist to ensure access and prompt deployment for your students.
    2. For objective and written tests, mail or drop off your tests to the Testing Center(s).
      Note: Tests for Distance Education classes MUST be sent to ALL Testing Center locations.
  • Inform your students that you have submitted a test to the Testing Center and that when they visit the center they should know the following information:
    1. Procedures for Student Use of Academic Testing Centers
    2. Students must present ACC Photo ID each time to request a test.
    3. Students must have the following information:
      1. Course Abbreviation + Course Number + Synonym Number + Section Number
      2. Instructor's Name
      3. Test Number (As documented on your test copies and Test Transmittal Form)
  • Please tell your students the materials you have authorized for your test. For example, if only a non-programmable calculator is allowed, students will not be able to use a graphing calculator or similar technology.
  • Students with unauthorized materials and/or cell phones while testing are in violation of Testing Center procedures and their testing privileges will be revoked, thus barring them from all ACC Academic Testing Centers.
  • Please encourage your students to test prior to test deadline dates which will help them avoid possible wait lines.