Testing Services: Information for Faculty

COVID-19 Update - ACC Live Proctoring System

ACC has developed an online live proctoring platform designed to accommodate Chromebook users, as well as students with Windows or Mac desktop computers, and laptops – the platform does not support iPad users at this time because of iPad split-screen sharing limitations. For students with iPads, Respondus Monitor is the preferred solution.

ACC Testing Center personnel will monitor the student live through Google Meet while the student takes the exam. ACC Online Live Proctoring should be the second choice of proctoring because it is also free for students and provides the added benefit of cost reduction for the College. This option is not available 24/7 and requires advance scheduling for faculty and students.

ACC Online Live Proctoring Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 3 pm
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Faculty Requirements for ACC Online Live Proctoring (Google Meet):

a. Set up your test in Blackboard and assign a password in the Blackboard test options.

b. Set the Restriction Location in the test settings to “No Restrictions.” Do not activate the Respondus LockDown Browser requirement because it is not compatible with ACC Online Live Proctoring.

c. In order for Testing Center personnel to provide equitable service to students, please set a time limit of no more than two (2) hours per test.

d. Complete the Academic Test Transmittal Form. The form will be transmitted directly to the ACC Testing Centers and you will be emailed with further instructions to share with your students. Please allow up to 48hrs for processing (M-F).

e. In accordance with ACC Testing Center Guidelines, faculty may request to proctor a maximum of six tests per course section for approved distance education courses – not normally available for regular face-to-face courses.

f. If you only plan to use ACC Online Live Proctoring for one student (or a limited number of students) with a Chromebook or who can’t otherwise use Respondus Monitor or ProctorU, you should clone your tests and use the Adaptive Release functionality so only those students can use that test version. Refer to TLED’s Faculty Resources for instructions or seek assistance from Distance Education staff at 512-223-0419.

g. If you or your students require assistance with Live Proctoring staff , contact us at Accliveproctoring@austincc.edu.

ACC Testing Centers provide a comfortable and secure environment for administering tests. Testing centers are located at each campus.

Review the Getting Started Guide for Faculty and the ACC Testing Center Procedures for Faculty for more details about Testing Center policies.

Types of Testing Available

Initial testing: Testing Centers administer tests for Distance Education (DE) courses and approved lecture courses. DE exams must be submitted to all Testing Center locations. Exams for lecture courses may be submitted to as many or as few centers as necessary. Distributing tests to as many locations as possible can minimize wait times for students.

Make-up testing: Make-up testing is available for lecture courses not on the approved list for testing. 

Retesting: For students who scored low on their initial attempt on an exam.

Testing to remove an Incomplete: Instructors issuing an incomplete must complete the appropriate form documenting the need for the test and include the necessary deadline. To remove a grade of Incomplete, in addition to a valid ID, students also must bring one of the following to the Testing Center:

  • Email verification from instructor's ACC email account.
  • Verification from the Admissions & Records office.

Testing Formats

Exams can be administered as basic written exams, objective or scan-based exams or any combination of the three formats. Instructors must submit a Test Transmittal Form to testctr-transmittals@austincc.edu.

Paper/pencil (written) tests: Instructors may submit tests on which students write answers or tests that require a separate instructor-designed answer sheet or lined paper (i.e., for essays).

Objective (multiple choice or scan-based) tests: Supports 100-200 questions per test with objective answers A-E.

Secure online testing: Online testing can be integrated with Blackboard.

Testing Center workstations use the Blackboard Respondus lockdown browser to prevent students from accessing computer resources once a test has been initiated.

Instructors using secure online testing should visit a Testing Center to ensure the test is working correctly before it is administered. Instructors should provide a hard copy backup version of the exam in case of network or power outages.

Testing for Students Requiring Accommodations

Students requiring special testing accommodations should contact the Student Accessibility Services.

Test Transmittal

Go to Forms Inventory to complete Test Transmittal and submit to testctr-transmittals@austincc.edu.