The Mathematics of Seminole Patchwork

Symmetries of Culture
Mathematics of Seminole Patchwork
The Tradition of Storytelling
The Origins of the Seminole Clans

Seminole Patchwork Designs

I have been told many stories by elders and by others in various tribes in Oklahoma. I have done my best to convey these stories in the spirit in which they were told to me.

- Vera Preston

Click on the design to learn more about the mathematics of the design. Click on the name of the design to read the legend associated with the design.

Milky Way Design Milky Way
Milky Way
Milky Way
Everlasting Fire Design The Coming of Fire
(Everlasting Fire)
Four Crossed Logs Four Crossed Logs Design
Four Crossed Logs Design
Four Crossed Logs (variation)
Alligator Tracks
Snake Jaw

How to Make a Seminole Patchwork Bookmark
Seminole Patchwork Bookmark

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