ACCeID: Questions & Answers

Why does ACC use ACCeID?

With ACC’s expanded use of online systems, faculty, staff, and students had to maintain multiple usernames and passwords for access to all of the systems required to conduct business. To make this process easier, ACC is implemented a password management system. This system unifies the usernames and passwords for many ACC applications into a single database, allowing users to easily change their passwords as well as allowing ACC to quickly disable an account should it be compromised.

Where will I use my ACCeID?

Applications that require an ACCeID login are Blackboard, Library Services, Online Services, and wireless access. Other systems and resources have been added throughout the implementation process such as VPN access, ACCe-time, ACCe-staffing, etc. The goal of this project is to provide a single sign-on interface, which is one username and password for all applications.

How will I know when to use my new ACCeID?

You will know to use your ACCeID login credentials when you see this icon on a login page: