Bienvenue à la langue qui chante! The EASY rules are One Click Away . . .   Click here.

  • You lead yourself at your own pace through the exercises which are corrected online.

  • You will be able to pronounce French words so that you will be understood when you communicate with speakers of French.

  • You will be able to distinguish words as you are listening to people speak in French.

  • You can listen without looking, which is of benefit to students who are textually challenged.

  • This resource is open and free to all.

When you travel through a country, you honor the people of this country if you can make yourself understood in their language. They will welcome you.

Quand vous faîtes un séjour dans un pays inconnu,vous honorez le peuple de ce pays si vous vous faites comprendre dans leur langue. Les gens vous accueilleront.

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