Exercise Guide


If you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time during any of the exercises or use of other equipment at this website, you should STOP exercising & consult your physician.

Alert gym staff if assistance is needed.

Warmup / Cardio (Aerobic)

Cardio Guidelines

A good cardio workout uses an aerobic metabolic process to access your fuel. In other words, part of the fuel is obtained by using fat combined with oxygen to create energy. This not only burns fat but provides a strong workout for your cardiovascular system. To view a presentation on the cardiovascular system go to: http://www2.austincc.edu/shopland/heart_files/frame.htm

  • Warm Up: Always warm up with some sort of moderate exercise such as walking, rowing, stepping slowly, etc, and then after 3-5 minutes, stretch out

  • Heart Rate: Get your heart rate up to 60-80% of your maximum heart rate (220 minus your age) for at least 20 minutes.
  • Cool Down: In the last five minutes of your workout, you should gradually decrease intensity and range of motion until your heart rate is below 120 beats per minute.
  • Stretch: Don't skip the stretch. This is the time when you can not only prevent post-workout soreness but increase your flexibility by holding your stretches for at least 20-30 seconds.

Different Types of Aerobic Activities
(Hot linked exercises below are covered in this program)

Treadmill Jump Rope Cross Country Skiing Swimming
Stairstepping Slide Step Aerobics Water Aerobics
Fast Walking Kickboxing Bike Circuit Aerobics
Rowing Ergometer Dance Aerobics Roller Blading Jogging