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If you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time during any of the exercises or use of other equipment at this website, you should STOP exercising & consult your physician.

Alert gym staff if assistance is needed.


Lat Pull

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figure 1

figure 2

Lifting Technique:

1. Select desired weight

2. Adjust knee pad height to fit closely to the top of your legs

3. Sit with knees under the roll pads and feet flat on the floor

4. Grasp the lat pull bar with thumbs pronated [Fig. 1]

  • Grasp wide for wider muscle emphasis (an alternative 34 Pro Lat bar may be used)
  • Grasp more narrow grip for central muscle emphasis

5. Pull the bar to nearly touch the upper chest as you lean back slightly to lift the weight [Fig. 2]

6. Control the lowering of weight as you raise your arms fully overhead

7. Complete repetitions.