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If you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time during any of the exercises or use of other equipment at this website, you should STOP exercising & consult your physician.

Alert gym staff if assistance is needed.


Low Row

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figure 1

figure 2

Lifting Technique:

1. Select desired weight

2. Adjust the height of the bench if necessary

3. Sit on the bench with your legs fully extended, without hyper-extension (soft knees)

  • Feet should be shoulder width apart

4. Grasp the handles and straighten the back to lean back slightly [Fig. 1]

  • Keep the head erect

5. Pull handle back to your lower abdomen just above your thighs [Fig. 2]

6. Squeeze your shoulder blades and elbows together to lift the weight

7. Lower the weight to complete a repetition, full stretch, and full range of motion by allowing the weight plates to nearly touch

  • Continue to extend the legs with soft knees

8. Complete the desired number of repetitions