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Medicine Ball

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Use of the Medicine Ball:

1. Stand a comfortable throwing distance from a partner

  • This distance varies with ability to
  • Feet should be shoulder width apart
    horizontally or vertically, keeping the knees slightly flexed
  • Be aware of your center of gravity.

2. Grasp the ball with open hands at the center and sides of the ball

  • Throw the ball from your chest
  • Direct your throw to your partner’s chest
  • Intensity can be increased to an aerobic level with continuous and more rapid throwing

3. Receive your partner’s throw with open palms to the center and outer

  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • When the ball reaches your hands give with your elbows flexing into your chest
  • Shift your weight from the front foot to the back to give into the impact of the throw

4. Vary the type of throw

  • An overhead throw can be used
  • Refer to outside sources such as the internet, training videos, and texts for more indepth medicine ball training techniques

5. Decrease activity level to cool-down or move to another aerobic acitivity

Medicine Ball Benefits:

  • A Warm-up Activity
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Upper Body Workout