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Exercise Guide



If you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time during any of the exercises or use of other equipment at this website, you should STOP exercising & consult your physician.

Alert gym staff if assistance is needed.



Before lifting weights

  • Choose clothing that allows you to move safely and freely through your exercises.
  • Wear supportive athletic shoes for balance and protection of your feet.
  • Warm-up your muscles and raise your body's core temperature to prevent injury.

While weightlifting

Utilize a spotter, to insure that you do not become trapped or possibly strain yourself.

  • Tip: Communicate details like whether you want a lift-off and how many repetitions your plan to compete.

Place the weights equally loaded on the bar and use collars to hold the weights in place.

Utilize the correct lifting technique and be sure to support your back at all times by placing your back against the bench.

  • Tip: To stabilize your body, your feet should be firmly planted on the floor. Once your position is established, begin lifting through the full range of motion avoiding locking out your joints into what is referred to as hyperextension.
  • Some freestanding lifts can benefit from the use of a weight belt worn snugly around the waist to support the back.
  • Then get in a stable lifting stance by spreading the feet shoulder width apart with the knees slightly bent and the feet firmly on the floor.
  • Lift slowly through the full range of motion keeping the eyes focused and concentrating on thelift.
  • Exhale as the lift is completed and take a recovery breath as you come back to your beginning stance.
  • Remember to use your spotter and lift the amount of weight that is within your ability to prevent injury.
  • Be in control of the weights at all times and place them on the floor without banging or dropping the weights to the floor.


At the end of your lift or after completing your weight training routine, stretch out the muscles to prevent muscle soreness and to insure your flexibility and range of motion.


Re-rack weights after completing your exercise to keep the area safe and pleasant for everyone

Share the equipment by stepping away so others may work in and complete their workout.

Bring a towel to wipe down sweat from the padding.

Report A Problem if you notice wear and tear or damage to equipment.