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If you feel pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time during any of the exercises or use of other equipment at this website, you should STOP exercising & consult your physician.

Alert gym staff if assistance is needed.


Stationary Bike

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Use of the Stationary Bike:

1. Adjust the height of the seat

  • Leg should nearly fully extend on the down-stroke for correct height
  • Seat bolt must be fully tightened to avoid stripping the threads

2. Press "On"

3. Set time using the "Up" arrow and the "Down" arrow for desired minutes

4. Instrument panel will scan through level of exercise, time, calories being burned per minute, and total calories burned during exercise

5. The handles can be gripped and help move the wheel

  • Operation of the handles can take place without the use of the feet by resting the feet on the foot bars on both sides of the wheel ( use of only the arms will not utilize many large muscles and therefore will not burn as many calories as use of the legs and the arms together)

6. Pedal at a rate of speed that you can maintain at an aerobic pace for the amount of time you plan to exercise -- back pedaling will cause the chain to dislodge

7. Complete time on the bike before allowing the pedals to nearly stop prior to dismounting.

Stationary Bike Training can be used for:

  • A Warm-up Activity
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Lower Body Workout