How to use your microscope more effectively in lab

1) the microscope

a. If you don’t see anything when you look at a slide:

the objective lens may not be clicked into position

you may not have the slide centered over the condenser (hole in the stage)

the iris diaphragm may be set incorrectly - while looking into the microscope, open and close it to change the amount of light coming through the specimen

b. If your microscope has a light intensity control, keep it set on a low level, and never use it on maximum. Use the iris diaphragm to control light intensity.

2) how you use the microscope

a. start with your microscope on scan (4X) and look over the whole specimen

b. when you have located the specific area you want, center it in the field of view and change to the low (10X) objective lens

c. if the structure is not detailed enough on 10X, center it again and change to 40X (high dry lens)

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