Process used to capture images:

We used a video camera attached to a compound light microscope to capture images of the slides on videotape. Then the video images were digitized using Videoplayer, and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

microscope  Nikon YS2-T compound light microscope
 videocamera  Javelin Chromachip CCD
 VCR  Panasonic AG-1960
multiplex video cassette
 monitor  Panasonic Color Video Monitor
CT-1382 VY
 software  Video Player
Adobe Photoshop

 microscope ocular lens: 10XA/18 CFWE
microscope objective lenses: 



 WD 25
 10X/0.25 160/- WD 5.6
 40X/0.65 160/0.17 WD 0.6
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