Links to Internet Sites about the 1960s
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USA: 1960 - 1969
This is a good place to begin your research. A wide variety of subjects are arranged chronologically and topically.

1963: The Struggle For Civil Rights

An interesting interactive timeline for a critical year in the struggle for civil rights. Maintained by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the site includes more than 230 well organized primary documents. The site also includes chronology and bibliographic resources.

Civil Rights Digital Library
You can use the search engine or browse the site by event, place, topic, people, media types etc... The site includes a variety of  primary sources and materials from  from libraries, archives, museums, public broadcasts, articles and other multimedia sources. Some of the oral histories may be of particular value.

LBJ Library and Museum

Administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, the site includes primary documents, speeches,  photographs, oral histories, and some of  LBJ.'s fascinating telephone conversations.

White House Tapes
Fascinating collection of presidential tapes (audio and video), transcripts and other exhibits organized by the University of Virginia. The Nixon tapes (3700 hours) and LB. tapes (800 hours) are by far the largest in the collection, but are there are tapes from the administrations of FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK as well. You might also look at to listen to tapes or read transcripts. The two sites are organized a little differently so it is worth exploring both to find the materials you are looking for.

The Vietnam Project
Maintained at Texas Tech University, this site contains more than 1.5 million pages of materials including photographs, video recordings and oral histories.

Cuban Missile Crisis
This site contains National Security Archive Documents held at George Washington University. You will find recently declassified documents, audio clips of White House intelligence briefings, images, chronologies, analysis and more. The Avalon Project at the Yale law School  includes valuable primary sources concerning the Missile Crisis. Another useful site is maintained by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. The site includes videos, an ITunes U-Course and an interesting examination of the "lessons" political leaders learned from the crisis.

Time Magazine
You might be interested in looking at how Time Magazine covered topics in the 1960s. The collections include Civil Rights, Vietnam, Watergate and more.

Voices of Civil Rights
AARP, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and the Library of Congress have collected 1000s of oral histories concerning the Civil Rights Movement. This searchable site includes photographs, interviews, essays a timeline, a music video and more. Also at the Library of Congress is the Civil Rights History Project. This site includes several thoughtful essays and more than 50 interviews people who participated in the struggles for civil rights. You might also look at The Voting Rights Act of 1965. This site provides an interesting history of the Voting Rights Act and the amendments that followed. You9 will also get an idea of what life was like before the Act and how difficult it was to get it passed.

Subscribe to a discussion board that concerns itself with all matters of history, politics, and culture of the 1960s. Reviews of books, relevant films and websites are also included.

Free Speech Movement Digital Archive
Berkley's Digital Archive documents the actions of those who participated in the Free Speech Movement in 1964. The site includes oral histories, bibliographies, and a chronology.

The Cold War Museum
This site provides online resources dealing with the Cold War from around the world. There is an interactive time line organized by decade. There are also spy stories, photographs, links to other websites and personal histories