Selected Published Primary Source Collections in

UT Libraries for Use in Term Paper Research

for Western Civilization I (History 2311)

Compiled by Roger A. Griffin, Ph.D.
Professor of History Emeritus
Austin Community College
Austin, Texas

PCL = Perry-Casteņeda Library--Southwest corner, Speedway and 21st St.
Undergraduate Library--In the Academic Center, just west of the Tower Building.
Classics Library--In Waggener Hall, on west side of Speedway, one block north of the PCL.
Fine Arts Library--23rd and Trinity, just to the left of Bass Concert Hall.

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1. General Document Collections Covering All or Part of the Time Span of this Course

2. Document Collections on Specialized Subjects Covering All or Part of the Time Span of this Course

3. Ancient Greece

4. Ancient Rome

5. Byzantine Empire

6. Islam

7. Early Christianity

8. The Middle Ages (General)

9. The Middle Ages (Christianity)

10. The Renaissance (including Tudor England)

11. The Reformation

12. England (Books and Series Covering More than One Period)


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